Hillbilly Dinner Napkin

is also known as:

Trailor Park Wiper

Georgia Grinin' brush

Redneck Redsleeve

Coonass Roux Wiper

Okie armwrap

Wasilla Wipe

White Trash Serviette

Formal Hillbillies

West Virginia Formalwear

Arkansas Ediquate

Smokey Mountain Linen

Kentucky Armband

Tennessee Toothbrush

Alabama Lip Shine

Mississippi Mouth Cloth

Backwoods Bar Cloth

" I has class, cause I uses the proper napkin"

Some surprising uses for this napkin have come up beyond just the regular use. We've sold this to truckers and travelers to keep the sun off the left arm when driving. Got an infant that leans on one arm and, uh, spits up?  Use a Hillbilly Dinner Napkin.

The best use by far is it's intended use...so how about surprising everyone at this Holiday's Dinner by placing a Hillbilly Dinner Napkin next to everyones plate at your family gathering?

The napkin is approximately 18 inches long and has elastic on either end to hold it in place.

Other uses for  the
Hillbilly Dinner Napkin

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