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The Hillbilly Dinner Napkin

The idea for the Hillbilly Dinner Napkin was conceived in the late 1990,s while shootin' the breeze at work regarding the impending marriage and reception of a co-worker.  Time went on and I moved on to other jobs and loss of jobs. While unemployed, I started to work on ecommerce as a way to make a living. The Hillbilly Dinner Napkin was reborn and reconstituted into my first website and my first at many years of learning the ways of the internet marketing, internet scams, and all kinds of stuff. My bread and butter for a few years was http://www.discount-leather.net and it still provides a fair amount of income to this day, even though I now have a brick and mortar motorcycle leather store. I have dabbled in all kinds of things on the web, lost a house, a wife, insurance and most of my savings but I regained the domain http://www.hillbillynapkin.com in late 2008 and I figured it's worth another try. Come on now, it's funny!

To find out more about me and my reputation as a stand up guy on the web, see my internet site, http://www.discount-leather.net, or my blog http://dlm-stuff.blogspot.com or my writing at http://KentLJohnson.com

Kent Johnson

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Purchasing and shipping: When you shop here at the Hillbilly Dinner Napkin site, you will be using PayPal. The Hillbilly Dinner Napkins are manufactured right down the street from my store by a capable seamstress, i.e., right here in the good ol' USA. The Napkins are packaged, along with directions for use, Also Known As and all the rest, then sent by US mail to your home. We use Delivery Confirmation to assure that it arrived at your home.

Warranty: Due to costs of shipping, there is no warranty or returns for refund. You'll just have to take a chance that it is what it is. If you don't like it or think you got ripped off, just jump onto one of the many websites that allow you to tell others that you think we are a bunch of Hillbillies ourselves, with no morals, ethics or values. We are willing to take that chance because, darn it, we got class, education, breeding and the Hillbilly Dinner Napkin is a breakthrough in manners for the masses.

Contact us: If you would like to contact us to purchase mass quantities of Hillbilly Dinner Napkins, Invite us onto your TV show, Radio Show or News Spot feel free. You can reach us by writing to:

Discount Leather Mart
1124 Kansas Ave #B3
Modesto, CA  93551

or call  209-527-1196

If you want to email use admin  @  discount-leather.NET  (spaces added to prevent robot theft of email address).

The Hillbilly Dinner Napkin is Novelty only, although it does work! Made in USA by hard working Americans. Copyright Discount Leather Mart, 2003-2013. No warranties express or implied for a particular purpose.