When to use your Hillbilly Dinner Napkin

The Hillbilly Dinner Napkin is normally used in fancy situations, like a formal feed or dance. Let's say yur little girls gettin' married to yur brothers boy and ya invited all the folks from all around the Hollar? You'd want to show all the kin that ya got class huh? When ya sets the tables for folks, have the women put out a Hillbilly Dinner Napkin at each spot, along with the tin cups and clay jugs. This shows you got edication and breedin' just like them Yankee folk from the city. Yur kin and neighbors from the Hollar be impressed!  Best thang, yur little girl ain't gone a git BBQ sauce or pig grease on her weddin' outfit.

Ya doesn't have to use yur napkin just in formal. Try it everyday and save yur women from washin' yur shirt so often. We found that we can maybe get 5-6 days from a shirt when we use the Hillbilly Dinner Napkin!

When yur ready to hold a Chili Cookoff or a BBQ, make sure you got a bunch of Hillbilly Dinner Napkins so you can show em all how much yur on the ball!

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