How to Use Your
Hillbilly Dinner Napkin

*If ya's right handed, pull over right arm

*If ya's left handed, pull over left arm.

*If ya use both hands, go back and get another Hillbilly Dinner Napkin to put on both arms.

Use just like you'd use yur shirt sleeve to wipe yur mouth when chowin'. Now you can wear yur shirt for an extra week before doin' the laundry!

Next time ya eat, turn the Hillbilly Dinner Napkin to a clean spot. Wash when the Crust starts cuttin' yur lips when wipin'.

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USA made quality Napkin

The Hillbilly Dinner Napkin is Novelty only, although it does work! Made in USA by hard working Americans. Copyright Discount Leather Mart, 2003-2013. No warranties express or implied for a particular purpose.